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Specialist in the Production and supply of Marine cooking appliances and Kitchen equipment


Mess Room

Ice Cube Machine

Need of more ice, more efficiency, more durability? Our full ranges of ice cube makers allow you to choose from:

Ice Cube MachineCapacity:
Ice production from 24 to 250 kg per day

Storage capacity from 10 to 140 kg per day

Condenses-air, water or remote self contained (ice maker and insulated storage bin in the same unit) or modular (match an ice maker and a bin to meet your exact production and storage requirements) Painted or stainless steel exteriors

Marine voltage available: 220V-50/60Hz

Note: Due to vast combination availability please write to request for specifications.


Water Drinking Fountain

We offer our range of water coolers that meet your every need for economy and demand for style. These refrigerated drink fountains are beautifully styled in stainless steel or attractive paint of vinyl finishes.

Water Drinking FountainConstruction Features:

  • Assures smooth and even flow of water under line pressures from 20 to 125 psi
  • Stainless steel top
  • Optional - U.V. sterilizer can be installed upon demand
  • Water dispense by foot pedal

Marine voltage available: 110 to 220V-50/60Hz

Note: Due to vast combination availability please write to request for specifications.


Hot Water Urns

Our range of Hot Water urns are manufactured in high polished stainless steel, all welded construction. All edges rolled for added strength. The units are thermostatically controlled through the boiling process and are protected from dry boiling. All models are installed with Non drip taps and insulated handles and are fitted with indicator light and water gauge glass.

Hot Water UrnsCapacity:

From 10, 20, 30, 40 litres.

Marine voltage available: 220V-50/60Hz


Coffee Urn

With today's demand for a cup of quality coffee or tea, you need a fast, efficient and dependable urn that can keep up with high volume.

Our standard supply coffee urn is constructed from high quality materials.

Coffee UrnCapacity:

  • Single 3 Gallon
  • Twin 3 Gallon

Construction Features:

  • New modern look and user friendly operation.
  • New silicone fittings prevent corrosion, pitting & leakage.
  • New solid-state dual water level control.
  • Relocated thermostat sensor to side box easy access and service.
  • Seamless urn liners standard.
  • Easy changing of the water pump or thermostat no need to empty urn completely
  • Provides (2) Brew Cycle Choices full batch and half batch.
  • Relocated thermometer easier to read.
  • Relocated Agitator Pump.
  • Relocated Blend Hoses.

Marine voltage available: 220V-50/60Hz or 440V-50/60Hz


Ice-Cream Machine

Our ranges are availability in floor standing or counter model.

We offer more versatile than any standard machines. The various big hitters prepare soft-serve ice cream, yoghurt and more. You'll be delighted with huge profits that can be packed into such a small space! Can deliver single, twin or triple spigot.

Ice-Cream Machine

Marine voltage available: 220V-50/60Hz


Bread Toaster

Robust stainless steel constructed bread toaster, controlled by timer, neon indicator lamp and slice selector. This provides all the control necessary for perfect result and easy operation

Bread ToasterCapacity:

Available from 2 to 12 slots


Salad Cold Counter with Refrigerator below

Our equipments are fully constructed from stainless steel and customized orders are available to suit your individual requirements.

Salad Cold Counter with Refrigerator below

It can come with a salad bar top or a flat work top. Overhead shelves available upon request.

Marine voltage available 220V-50/60Hz

Note: Due to vast model availability please write to request for our full range of manufactured equipments


Cold / Hot Display Unit

Our display counters are specially designed for a fully panoramic displays showcasing your quiche, pizza, croissants, buns, savories, cheese puffs...etc and keep them at a constant temperature.

Cold / Hot Display UnitCapacity:

From 2 to 4 Full Size GN Pan

Easy cleaning: interior upper shelf, bottom trays, rear sliding doors, lateral glasses and the curved glass are completely removable.

Equipment: electronic thermostat, on/off switch, temperature indicator, inside light.

Ozone friendly refrigerating gas R 134a.

Marine voltage available 220V-50/60Hz


Mini-Bar Refrigerator

Suitable for compact places such as under counter or built-in cabinet where a refrigerator is needed for chilled drink.

Mini-Bar RefrigeratorCapacity:

From 50 to 150 litres.

Construction Features:

  • Direct Cooling
  • Coil-Free Back (Allows it to be installed closer to the wall)
  • Manual Defrost System
  • Ozone friendly Refrigerant
  • Reversible of Door hinge for Left to Right hinge
  • Equipped with locking device

Marine voltage available 220V-50/60Hz


Juice Dispenser

The counter top dispenser merchandise up to four different beverages at once is a space saving unit. Interchangeable three and five gallon bowls can be mixed and matched to meet various product demands. It is easy to operate to maintain and to service.

Juice DispenserCapacity:

Single, Twin, Three, Four Bowls Tanks.

Marine voltage available 220V-50/60Hz