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SOLAS 2000 Deep Fat Fryer

Deep Fat Fryer English

10-litre (10DPFR/FEQ)

Dimension: 450(W)x820(D)x1550(H)mm
Rating: 6,000 Watts
Voltage: 440V-3Ph-60Hz

Other voltages available upon request

Deep Fat Fryer Chinese

20-litre (20DPFR/FEQ)

Dimension: 800(W)x915(D)x1560(H) mm
Rating : 9,000 Watts
Voltage : 440V-3Ph-60Hz

Other voltages available upon request

English Description

Incorporated with Self Fire-Extinguishing System (In compliance with SOLAS 2000) Model 10DPFR/FEQ & 20DPFR/FEQ

The complete combination Deep Fat Fryer and built-in self-fire extinguisher is set to meet and comply with SOLAS Amendments 2000 Chapter II-2 Part B Regulation 10.6.4.

The unit is inspected and tested in accordance to International Standard ISO 15371/2000, this StandAlone Deep Fat Fryer is proudly designed and solely manufactured by Kang Li Far East Pte Ltd. To date, this unit, which as been fire-tested and approved, had achieved accreditation and certification by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), China Classification Society (CCS), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, Bureau Veritas (BV) and Marine Equipment Directive (M.E.D).

With thermostats installed in our Deep Fat Fryer, namely the Working Thermostat and the Back-Up Thermostat, our built-in alarm system will be swiftly activated as soon as it is triggered by a cautionary signal. Also positioned on the unit are two discharge spray nozzles, downward and sideward, complete with aluminum foil and seal protection. Using a reliable and technologically advanced spring-loaded device, the tension in the mechanical control head will be prompted immediately once the fusible link breaks; thereby energizing the extinguisher to eject non-toxic water-based foam through the two spray nozzles while the entire system of the Deep Fat Fryer unit is automatically powered off. This Deep Fat Fryer has also been methodically designed and calculatingly constructed in such a way that there are two stainless steel wall protection on the sides and an oil splash; all of which thoroughly ensure that there will be no spreading of fire on either side upon the occurrence of any accidents.

This StandAlone unit uses two discharge spray nozzles for double-safety precautions to concentrate on and protect the hazard area. It most certainly offers unrivaled and unmatched coverage, resulting in more effective and efficient fire suppression with less hardware cost. Not only does the extinguisher of this StandAlone unit carry non-toxic water-based foam that provides quicker flame knockdown and faster fire suppression, it also blankets the hazard area with a thicker saponification layer to prevent against fire reflash. After-fire cleanup is also relatively easy and quick. Simply use a damp cloth to wipe away the foam residue as soon as the StandAlone unit has cooled, and it is ready to be back to work as normal.

This StandAlone unit, available in 10-litre and 20-litre models, require neither MESSY and complicated external piping and wiring nor the engaging of a qualified specialist to carry out the installation and commissioning upon job completion for site survey. Installation is so simple and easy; just plug in power supply and one to the external switchboard alarm (if the Shipowner requests specially), and the Deep Fat Fryer is ready to be launched into your cooking operation, all without any hassle or final adjustment whatsoever. This StandAlone unit has been designed to be impressively convenient for safety and maintenance and remarkably easy in the replacement of both the electrical component parts and the discharged wet chemical cylinder. Replacement of an empty wet cylinder is simply by undoing two screws and one securing clamp. This cylinder is effortlessly accessible and replaceable as it is stored in a sleek drawer that can slide out easily. This comes complete with specially designed and built-in slides, plus a lock-bolt catch under the Deep Fat Fryer’s body construction to prevent the unit from slipping out when the vessel is sailing on rough seas.

Other features:

  • Storage Compartment complete with Swing Door and Catch
  • Oil Well Drain Valve with Detachable Extension Nozzle
  • Stainless Steel Washable Grease Filters
  • Stainless Steel Exhaust Outlet Duct with Self Blower System
  • Stainless Steel Water-Tight Electrical Control Box
  • Maintenance and Service Panel (Bolted)
  • Cylinder Pressure Gauge Easy-to-View Inspection Window
  • Spray Nozzle Tips with Protected Aluminum Foil Seal to prevent against choke up residue and debris due to thick grease (foil can be replaced easily)
  • Food Oil Drip Pan (Removable and Washable)
  • Deck Foundation (Include Supply)
  • Built-In Robust Quality Double Air Intake Centrifugal Exhaust Fan
  • Working Light in the cooking area enclosure
  • Additional External Connection to the shipboard alarm system

Chinese Description

10升/20升配备自动灭火系统的深煎锅(符合SOLAS 2000标准)

该深煎锅功能完善,配备自动灭火系统,完全符合修订过的SOLAS 2000, Chapter-2 10.6.4 的规定。检查与测试完全按照国标标准 ISO 15371/2000进行,这个功能齐全的深煎锅,由我们独家设计制造。到目前为止,该设备已经通过以下权威机构的批准和认证:美国船务局(ABS),中国标准化委员会(CCS), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, Bureau Veritas (BV) and Marine Equipment Directive (M.E.D)。



这个独立的设备有 10 升和 20 升两种型号。不需要外接杂乱的管路和导线,也不需要专业人士进行安装和调试。安装过程简单而容易。只需接上 3 相电源线和通向外部报警器的导线(如果船主特殊要求)。深煎锅现在就可以使用了,无需另外调整。这台独立设备的设计,充分考虑到维护方便和操作安全,替换电器元件和灭火罐也特别容易。如果要替换灭火罐,只需拆下两粒螺丝和安全夹,拉出装有灭火罐的抽屉就可以了。这个特别设计的抽屉两侧装有导轨,另有锁紧带与深煎锅底部相连,防止轮船在风浪大的海面上行驶时滑出。


  • 储物阁都装有门和把手
  • 配有排油阀和排油管路
  • 不锈钢可清洗油脂过滤器
  • 不锈钢排风系统
  • 不锈钢防水主电器控制箱
  • 维护使用面板(用螺丝固定)
  • 便于观察灭火罐压力的窗口
  • 灭火喷嘴用铝箔密封,防止被油脂堵塞(铝箔替换方便)
  • 引线方便的接线盒
  • 滴油盘(拆洗方便)
  • 底座(随机自带)
  • 配有双向进风的排风扇
  • 煮物间配有工作灯照明
  • 可接外部警报,通到甲板报警系统